What's New?

14 December 2006: Site is being configured and will come online in some weeks from now.

15 December 2006: Cgi scripts not working on this server. Now Waiting for the hosting provider to move to a different server.

18 December 2006: Moved to another server. CGI now works! Installation can continue...

22 December 2006: Blog software now up and running. Testing and configuring the zillion options and CSS style sheets and whathaveyou...

26 December 2006: The Space Blog is now being set up. You can now watch the construction work.

10 September 2010: kPod blog was set up! They'r in full swing out there!

12 August 2011: Deploying a great Google app!Building it up to be a great app for learning Mandarin! ... it's great, try it out!